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There are over 140 million orphans in the world today. That breaks down to:
o 43.4 million orphans in Africa
o 87.6 million orphans in Asia
o 1.5 million orphans in Eastern Europe
o 12.4 million orphans in Latin America and the Caribbean
o 500,000 children in the United States Foster Care System
o 122,761 of these foster children available for adoption
(UNICEF statistics quoted on FamilyLife 2008)

Every day, all over the world, millions of starving, sick, abused, neglected and abandoned children—as well as child slaves and war-victim children—feel afraid and without hope! But together we can help them!

Through ORPHANS FIRST, we can change children's lives—one by one! Please help us to help them.

ORPHANS FIRST is a non-profit ministry expressing God's heart to hurting children. Thanks to the financial contributions and prayers of sponsors, the children’s physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs are met. As they see love in action, and hear God’s Word, these little ones who thought they were last, learn that, through Christ, they are first (Mt.19:30) The fatherless learn they have a Father (Ps.68:5). And abandoned children discover they have a family (Ps.68:6).

—expressing God's heart to hurting children to help them become:

HAPPY as they receive Jesus' love manifest through His church.
HEALTHY as they receive food, education and shelter.
HOPEFUL as they learn about God's grace through His Word.
HELPFUL as they learn to serve God and to tell others about Him.

ORPHANS FIRST – changing children's lives through Christ—one by one!

OUR VISION: to help suffering children wherever God opens the door
OUR GOAL: to nurture poor or abandoned children in the Lord through a family atmosphere, meeting their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs—and to do so by partnering with local churches whenever possible.
OUR POLICY: to channel our resources with integrity and accountability to best meet the needs of the children and honor God.

We need your prayers and financial support!

ORPHANS FIRST helps hurting children in: Asia, Africa, America, Europe. . . Join us in impacting the lives of suffering children in many countries, in many ways.
Please consider partnering with ORPHANS FIRST and helping the needy children.

Send your tax-deductible donations to:
Orphans First
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